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Working Dog Training & Classes

Obedience Training for the service dogs, tracking dogs, and search and rescue canines.

Service Dog Training

Specialized training to give you more freedom and independence.

Training your companion to recognize health risks and assist you in the day-to-day functions of life is a very rewarding experience that will create a very deep bond between you and your dog.

Service training is highly individualized and based on the needs of the owner. As such, a training regimen and cost will be determined based on a case-by-case basis.

This training will help you on your pass to you and your service dog passing the Public Access Test.  

Dog Tracking Training

Tracking is an amazing discipline that helps teach you the ability to read your dog. It requires of patience and teamwork. A great bonding activity for you and your canine. 

In tracking, not only do you enter your dog’s world, but you also ask them to take you along with them.

Dogs have no biological reason to track man; we must provide them with a positive reason to do so.

We teach the Schutzhund style of tracking. We use imprinting to teach the dog to track footstep to footstep, using a deep nose(close to the ground).

We do this by teaching the dog to use its nose, its number one sense, right from the beginning.

This type of training provides a wide variety of possibilities for your tracking goals, whether it’s a fun new activity for you and your dog, Search and Rescue, or anything in between.

Expert Obedience Training for Working Dogs