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Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training for Happier, Healthier Canines

Owners who invest in dog obedience training have stronger bonds with their dogs. Why?

Having a well-trained, conflict free dog leads to a deep, trusting relationship between dog and owner. A well trained dog opens more opportunities to include your dog in your life.  

I am a certified dog obedience trainer, with 20+ years of experience. 

I educate owners to communicate with their dogs so they can enjoy a relationship with their canine companions as friends and family members.

Effective, Expert Dog Obedience Training

At John P. Jones Canine Training, we will train all dogs.

We strive to train for the spirit of the dog, whether that means maintaining a dog’s high-spirits or rehabilitating a dog in need of help.

Our dog obedience training is based on the dog. No one method works for all dogs.

Also, we do not push dogs and/or owners through obedience training. If the best thing for the dog is to take extra time between classes, then we will do what is best for the dog.

Our Canine Training Process

All obedience training begins with a series of private lessons, whether that is at your house or at a park. We start training in a more controlled environment and add distractions as you progress through the program. Along with teaching control through obedience exercises, we will address your specific goals and areas of concern that have led you to our door, i.e. aggression, walking down the street, destructive behavior, jumping up, etc. 

Once through your private lessons, you will then move to group class with other dogs in which you learn to train in a more challenging environment. This is where you and your dog learn to apply training for real life situations. 

We enjoy training people to help their dogs reach their full potential in the family and the community.
We also understand that some people would like to do more with their dogs. We offer AKC training and titles in:

  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Community Dog
  • Urban Dog
  • Obedience

Many people enjoy training with us because of the safe, fun environment we provide for every dog. In fact, many of our clients come to classes regularly to train their dogs for years at a time, working through the offered programs.

It is our job as dog obedience trainers to see that you succeed and have fun with your dog. We want you to be happy with your dog and we want your dog to be happy through training.

We will help you meet your goals with your Best Friend throughout its lifetime.

Puppy School

Start your puppy off right!

This program prepares your puppy for future training, builds confidence, and teaches you how to properly communicate with and motivate your puppy.

This program also consists of teaching housebreaking techniques, crate training, guidance with destructive chewing, jumping, biting and many other normal puppy problems.

A strong emphasis is placed on training the human members of the family.


Duration: Four One Hour Classes

Price: $250

Location: Private and Group Settings

For: Puppies of any breed, 8-16 weeks old

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a Free 30 minute Consultation at your home or local park

This consultation allows the trainer to:

  • Evaluate your dog,
  • Discuss any obedience problems, and
  • Help determine which obedience program suits you and your dog



Adult Dog Obedience Training Options

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Basic Obedience Training

Train your canine to be a better family member. Gain control in real-life situations. 
We believe that our Basic Obedience Training will give you all the tools you need to have a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.

The Basic Obedience Program consists of 5 private lessons and 6 free group classes covering heel, wait, sit, stay, down, and recall.

It also includes problem areas such as jumping, chewing, digging, etc.

Price: $650 

Location: Private and Group Settings

For: Dogs Four Months and Older of Any Breed


Group Dog Obedience Classes

Beginner Group Class

The beginner’s obedience group class is an important part of our training program. In this class you get to practice and improve all of the skills you and your dog have learned, but in a more challenging environment. Everyone and their dog in this class is at approximately the same level of training.

Advanced Group Class

Advanced group obedience training is for the dog/handler teams that are ready for a more demanding challenge to promote better skills in both the handler and dog. The class offers more difficult excercises in a closer proximity to the other dog/handler teams requiring more teamwork from you and your dog.

Five classes: $85

Ten classes: $130

For: Dogs Four Months and Older of Any Breed That Have Completed Our Basic Obedience Training or Beyond. 

Additional Programs


Just Walking

Is your dog good, except struggling on walks (pulling, walking fast, will not stop sniffing)?

This program is designed specifically for this.

3 1-hour lessons provided within a 7-day period

Price: $300

* We will evaluate the dog. This program does not address behavior issues, aggression, fear reactions, high prey drive, or any other type of reactivity.

** Just Walking


Inboard Option – We take the dog to training for 10 days. We require meeting the dog first

Price: $950

Inboard Training

Abbreviated Obedience

We take your dog for 21/2  Weeks.

Focus is on Heel, Walk, Come, Wait.

Pricing Options

With E-Collar: $2200

Without E-Collar: $1900

Pick up and drop off training

Pick up and drop off

This program is designed for those who don’t have the time to train but also don’t want to send their dog away for inboard training.

We will arrange to pick up and drop off your dog, allowing for your dog to be trained in different locations throughout the day and week. The training that is done is based upon needs and amount of days signed up for.

* May not be consecutive days

* Must be within a 30 minute driving radius. Outside of radius travel charges will apply.

Pricing Options

7 days: $1300

14 days: $2200

21 days: $3300


Beginner Tracking Group Class

Dive into your dog’s world of scent!

Learn the fundamentals of footstep tracking

  • How to lay a track for your dog
  • How to read your dog while they track
  • Introduction into turns and corners


4 Classes: $200

Play 'n' train

Learn how to incorporate Play into your dog’s obedience training.

Learn how to build drive and make obedience fun!

* Dogs must have basic training, i.e. Heel, Sit, Down, Come.

4 Classes: $350

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a Free 30 minute Consultation at your home or local park

Advanced Dog training

Gain on and off leash control. 

The Advanced Dog Training Program helps owners go beyond basic commands. It includes all aspects of the Basic Obedience program and advancing through e-collar training (if desired), progressing to off leash exercises and control from a distance. 

The Advanced Dog Training includes 10 private lessons and 6 group lessons. 

Price: $900

Location: Private and Group Settings

For: Dogs Four Months and Older of Any Breed

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a Free 30 minute Consultation at your home or local park

This consultation allows you to:

  • Meet the trainer
  • Fill out the intake form
  • Discuss any obedience problems
  • Help determine which obedience program suits you and your dog

Board and Train Obedience Training

Let us do the training for you!

In our Board and Train Obedience Program, your dog stays with us while we teach or refine their obedience.

We address any behavioral problems your dog may have and work on your specific training requests.

We will custom design a program specifically for you and your dog. Your dog’s training will occur on site and in public settings. 

We will train your dog to work for you in an environment conducive to learning. As in all of our training, we train for the spirit of your dog.

Once your dog is through the program, we will focus on training you. You will have four private followup lessons to learn how to handle your dog.We will teach you what your dog has learned in four private lessons and group classes if recommended.


Price: $3000

Dog Obedience Training for Happy, Healthy Canine Companions.