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John P . Jones

Elite Dog Trainer

Picture of John P Jones, dog trainer, with a German Shephard

My love and respect for canines started in childhood. The German Shepherds we had were my favorite companions. 

At thirteen, I adopted a Siberian Husky named Max. Max lived for 19 years and was a great teacher in my life. After Max passed on, I rescued a German Shepherd named, curiously enough, Max.

This Max had many challenging issues, but with patience, love, a healthy lifestyle, and training, he too became a wonderful dog.

I am forever be indebted to both Maxes. They inspired my drive and passion to work with canines, training their owners and them to reach their highest potential–and to start John P. John’s Canine Training. 

I pursued my life’s dream in 1999 to learn more about training dogs. I completed  an apprenticeship with Randy Kromer of Kromerhaus Kennels. It was there that I learned to train dogs at all levels.

In April of 2011, I stopped training dogs in Pennsylvania and in June of that year moved to Florida to help start a rescue and rehabilitation facility. The rescue facility focused on dogs that were on death row, had behavioral issues, and were not eligible for adoption or rescue.

Running the rescue facility was a wonderful and rewarding experience, but after five years of the Florida heat and missing our home in the North, we decided to move back to Central Pennsylvania.

In October of 2016 we picked up where we left off: helping people train their dogs, have fun with their them, and achieve their training goals.

I have now been a professional dog trainer for 18 years. I continue to train owners and their dogs in Obedience and Behavior Modification, AKC Obedience, Tracking, Search and Rescue, Personal Protection, and Police K-9.

I believe that it is a trainer’s job to save dogs’ lives. Lack of training is the number one killer of dogs. My job as a trainer is to educate owners to effectively communicate with their dogs so they can enjoy a relationship with their companions as friends and family members.

My Certifications

  • Certified Police K-9 and Schutzhund Trainer: Kromerhaus Kennels, 2000
  • Certified in Basic Obedience, Kennel Management and Canine First Aid: Kromerhaus Kennels, 2000
  • Certified Police K-9 Trial and Training Decoy: UPCKA, 2000

Meet The Team

Sarah Beard

Hello, my name is Sarah Beard, and while I have always liked dogs and enjoyed being around them, my love and passion for dogs grew in college when I started to dog sit for my friends and family. I grew up with dogs being apart of our family, but it wasn’t until 2020 when I got my own dog, Ellie, with whom I was responsible for raising, that I realized I needed professional training. So, I reached out to John Jones the week I brought Ellie home. That is when my life forever changed for the better. John taught me how to make training fun, and because of that, training Ellie quickly became my favorite way to spend my free time. Not only did training enable me to have a well behaved dog, it also allowed me to develop Ellie’s confidence, give her mental stimulation and strengthen our bond with one another.

I should mention training Ellie was far from easy, her intelligence and personality made every day a learning experience. I am so grateful that Ellie was a challenging dog to train because it allowed me to gain the knowledge needed to help others in my situation. I have now gone through more than a year-long intense internship with John, and my love for training has only grown each day. I can honestly say that the hands- on experience John provided me has allowed me to learn more than I did sitting in classrooms in college. John not only has taught me how to train dogs, but he has provided me with an overall education about the wellness and behavior of dogs. And because of this on-going learning, I am able to tailor my training to best fit each individual dog. I am elated to share my knowledge with my fellow dog owners, and I feel fortunate to now have the ability to help others the way John Jones continues to help and guide me


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